Our number one priority remains the health and well-being of each person in the church, followed closely by the desire to honour the diversity of needs, risk levels, and comfort levels in our community. We are doing our best to balance those priorities, and continue to ask for your flexibility and grace in this new season of life in the pandemic.

Here are some answers to the questions we have been hearing most often:

What is happening?
Regular Sunday 10:45am worship services at the church, starting Sept 12 and continuing every week until you hear otherwise. There will also be a "Zoom church" option each week for those who are uncomfortable or unable to participate in the service in person.

Who can attend?
We are asking that you please only come if you are fully vaccinated or if you are ineligible to be vaccinated due to age or medical condition.  If you are not feeling well or displaying any symptoms of Covid-19, please stay home and participate via Zoom. Keep in mind that children and others are ineligible to be vaccinated, that unvaccinated and vaccinated people can transmit Covid, and as a church it is our responsibility to protect those most vulnerable among us.

There are no restrictions on gathering sizes and no requirement for pre-registration.

What precautions are we taking?
Masks // We are asking that everyone wear masks while in the church building.
Social Distancing // We will space out the chairs as best as possible, and ask that everyone honours the different comfort levels among us regarding physical greetings, personal space, etc. It may be difficult to keep our distance depending on how many people attend. We really can't know that ahead of time--wearing masks will help us to navigate those unknowns as safely as possible.
Contact Tracing? // We won't keep a record of who is attending. If someone does test positive for Covid, we ask that they let us know so that we can alert the congregation that they may have been exposed to Covid at a particular service.
After the Service // We won't provide coffee or snacks, and if the weather is reasonable we encourage you to stay and chat outside.

Will we be singing?
YES! We feel this is a vital part of our Sunday gatherings. We will ask that everyone remains masked while singing (and all the time while in the building).

Will we be having...?
... a children's story time? Yes, children will be invited to gather at the front (masks on), or the book will also be projected on the screen if they'd rather remain in their seats.
... Children's Sunday School or Family Singing Time? Yes, 2nd and 4th Sundays during the morning worship.
... Adult Sunday School? Yes, 9:30am in the conference room

What if things get worse (or better?) with the pandemic situation?
We will continue to monitor the situation and make recommendations accordingly. Again, we're trying to operate with a broad view of health--physical, mental, relational and spiritual--for the whole congregation and especially the most vulnerable among us. We'll keep you posted and appreciate your prayers and your feedback!


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Sunday Mornings
10:45 a.m. In-Person Worship at WMC

10:15 a.m. Zoom Fellowship Time
10:45 a.m. Live Stream of In-Person Worship via Zoom

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