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Mennonite Heritage - Women Who Have Influenced Us 



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Call to Worship and Prayer


Praise, I will praise you, Lord // HWB 76
Open my eyes, that I may see // HWB 517

Lighting the Peace Candle

Inclusive Bible Translation

Isaiah 54:4-12 


God, whose giving // HWB 383

Children’s Story

Rick Epp


“Jesus Looks Like Mennonite Women” // Cindy Wallace

Hymn of Response

Nothing is lost on the breath of God // StS 121



Sending Song

Peace before us // StS 16


October 21, 2018

Isaiah 53:4-12 

Yet you bore our illnesses

and carried our suffering.

We thought you were being punished,

struck down by God, and brown low—

but it was for our offenses that you were pierced,

for our sins that you were crushed;

upon you lies a chastening that brings us wholeness,

and through your wounds we are healed.

All of us, like sheep, have gone astray;

each of us goes our own way.

But Yhwh has laid upon you

the guilt of us all.


Though treated harshly, you bore it humbly

and never opened your mouth.

Like a lamb being led to slaughter,

or a sheep before shearers, you were silent

and never opened your mouth.

Seized by force and condemned, you were taken away;

who would ever have foreseen your destiny?

You were taken from the land of the living

through the sin of my people, who deserved the punishment.

You were buried with evildoers

and entombed with the rich,

though you had done no wrong,

and deceit was not found in your mouth.


But Yhwh chose to crush and afflict you;

if you make yourself a reparation offering,

you will see your descendants, you will prolong your days,

and the will of Yhwh will prevail through you.

Through your suffering, you will see contentment and light.

By your knowledge, my Righteous One, my Servant,

you will justify many by taking their guilt upon yourself.

Therefore, I will grant you a reward among the great,

and you will divide the spoils with the mighty;

for you exposed yourself to death itself,

and allowed yourself to be counted among criminals,

while you bore the guilt of many

and interceded for sinners.