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Unwrapping the Bible - Part 1

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Responsive Reading // StS 190


Jesus calls us here to meet him // StJ 3

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Lamp of our feet // HWB 312

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God of the Bible // StJ 27


Inclusive Bible // Psalm 119:105-112 


“No Helicopter God” // Eileen Klaassen


Like a tender breath, stirring // StS 106

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Come, divine Interpreter // HWB 302


January 26, 2020

Psalm 119:105-112

Now I know your word is a lamp for my steps, for the path just ahead of me. I resolve and swear to keep your ordinances of justice. I have suffered much, Yhwh— give me life as you have promised. Please accept my heartfelt praises, Yhwh, and teach me your decrees. Though constantly I take my life in my hands, I never forgot your Law. The corrupt laid their traps for me, but I haven’t strayed from your precepts. Your decrees are all the inheritance I’ll ever want— they’re the joy of my heart. I set my heart to keep your statutes, forever and to the letter.