Is it possible to understand God? Understanding is the project of Enneagram Type Five personalities--to find love and security through the collecting and processing of information. When it comes to religion, though, information and understanding are limited...aren't they?

Read "Think About It" from Joe Heikman.

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The Type Two personality in the Enneagram system is called "The Helper." These are the people who care and give and serve and empathize without a second thought. Twos reflect the image of God our Sustainer and Nourisher. The Hebrew Bible gives God the name "El Shaddai," which can be translated as "The Many-Breasted God." They give us so much and rarely ask for anything in return--though under the surface, they too long to be loved and cared for!

Read "The Many-Breasted God" from Joe Heikman or listen below

Our God Gets It Done, and so do we…

Type 3 Achievers have also been created in the image of God.  What aspects of God’s nature become evident in Abigail, Naaman and other Type 3s?  What more do we, especially Type 3’s, need to learn from God’s way of “taking care of business” and “getting it done”?  And, how many Type 3’s does it take to screw in a light bulb?

Read "Our God Gets It Done, and so do we..." from Ken Bechtel or listen below

 Sharing from a "3" Perspective

Hi, my name is Tom. I am a THREE. I think my Enneagram results are actually quite accurate. I do think of myself as an ‘effective person’. I do value efficiency, industriousness, and competence. But at times I am sensitive to whether others notice or approve of my successes and accomplishments. Sometimes I might avoid sticking to principles, and act instead out of expediency.

In addition to being loving, I think God is effective and has aspects of the THREE type, i.e., he created the world effectively, Jesus effectively carried out the plan to redeem us, and creatively God created a diversity of personality types. THREE types are ‘heart people’ and my faith is made real mainly in my heart response, in having a ‘personal relationship with Jesus’.

Read Tom's "Sharing from a '3' Perspective" or listen below

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