Tired of talking about the weather? Okay, in Saskatchewan we never tire of that... but what if there was more to our conversations than (ever so helpful) venting about winter's deep freeze or sharing the joys of a sunny spring day?

What's the purpose of conversation? How can we talk about things that matter without talking past each other, ranting, and hurting feelings? Do we dare speak honestly about our differences, and what is lost if we don't?

Read "Talking With God" from Joe Heikman or listen below:

What season are you in? Seeking? losing? dying? healing? mourning? dancing? throwing rocks? Ecclesiastes 3 is an ancient piece of wisdom reminding us that everything, for better or worse, has a place and a purpose in our lives at one season, or another.

In the natural world, the season is Spring! Spring is part of the rhythm that God has planted into life on this planet. It has a central place in the ongoing work of creation, of new life filling our world and our hearts. Spring is theological, it’s full of who God is as Creator and Sustainer of life. Spring has wisdom, experience, a natural connection to who we are as people of the earth. What can we learn from the natural wisdom of this season?

Read "The Wisdom of Spring" from Joe Heikman

Easter is all about new life: Empty Cross, Empty Tomb, Resurrected Christ... not to mention the ubiquitous eggs and bunnies. But how does this new life come? For sure we should celebrate the presence of life and the victory of life and goodness over death and evil. But what if the meaning of the Easter story has more for us than just the moment of resurrection? What if Easter is more than a moment, but a whole way of living?

Read "Living By Dying" from Joe Heikman

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