What's your story? As humans, we are story tellers: we live by the values, worldview, philosophies of the stories that we have been given and pass on. Some stories have the ancient ring of truth: "In the beginning, God created everything...and called it Good." Others are more dubious or clearly self-serving: "Saskatchewan winters prove our toughness and hardiness...Go Riders!" And sometimes it can be awfully difficult to tell which is which.

How do the different stories that we live impact our relationships? Is it possible to relate to those who are living stories which seem (to "us") to be inferior, incorrect, or even evil? And what does it look like to bridge the gaps between us?

Read "The Great Reframation" from Joe Heikman or listen below:

Let's talk about shame. I've got some, you've got some, and our culture hands it out--gleefully--at almost every opportunity. Shame gets in the way of the "meaningful conversations" we've been talking about this month at WMC, dividing us, driving us to hide ourselves, compelling us to think poorly of others... What do we do with the shame in and around us?

Read "Shameless" from Joe Heikman or listen below:

Paul encourages the Ephesians to converse with each other, yet Fran Lebowitz once wrote, “Polite conversation is rarely either.” Conversation is not just communication. Conversation is an informal exchange of ideas, and ideas are more than sharing facts. It often involves sharing our intimate thoughts. And so Paul tells the Ephesians that we must speak the truth to our neighbours and allow ourselves to get angry as long as we do not let the sun go down on our anger. How can this possibly be beneficial for the church?

Read "Speak Truthfully" from Grant Martens or listen below:

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