None of us enjoys darkness in our lives but sometimes we find ourselves going into it anyway. Lent provides an opportunity to reflect on our dark places with an invitation to find healing and hope. Come, acknowledge the darkness and walk in the light.

Read "Me & You & Darkness In View" from Audrey Mierau Bechtel or listen below

At RJC, staff and students endeavour to take to heart Stanley Hauerwas' claim that the primary guide to a Christian's behaviour is a community shaped by engagement with God's story.  This perspective, which can be found in the story of Jesus' healing of the paralytic, informs the way in which RJC students participate in community oriented service and in the instructional decisions of the school's new initiatives.

We were pleased to have Richard Janzen and the Rosthern Junior College Chorale lead our service. Read RJC Chorale Deputation from RJC teacher David Epp or listen below

We're all aware, at least sometimes, of the history stretching behind us for thousands (if not millions) of years. But do we think about the future in the same way? What if we are not at the end of history, but rather in the middle? In the Genesis 17 scripture text, Abraham and Sarah were invited into that significant change of perspective. What might we learn from adopting that posture ourselves? How do we live as part of both an imperfect past and an uncertain future?

Read "In Between The Generations" from Joe Heikman or listen below

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