Our worship service this past Sunday featured this video talk:  "The Danger of a Single Story" from Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie. Do we allow people and places to have more than one story? That is, our neighbours are as complex as we are: can we learn to see people as both, say, uneducated and creative, wealthy and compassionate, needy and generous, etc? Adichie's talk is worth watching (again)!

What do you see when you look around our city? Most of us see "wealthy people" and assume that they've worked hard, studied well, make the right choices in life, and invested wisely. And when we see "poor people" many of us think the opposite, a host of unflattering assumptions that sum up as "this person is less deserving because..."

Or maybe you follow in the way of Jesus, telling a different story about the value of people and how to think about worth. Can we see ourselves and our world with such honesty and humility?

Read "Superiority Complex" from Joe Heikman.

Why do some people in our world have more--more food, more health care, more security, more luxury items--than others? A common North American story is that that the "haves" work harder and make the most of the opportunities available to us through the dedication, ingenuity and sacrifices of our ancestors. And Christians often throw in the assumption that God has chosen to "bless" some people more than others...so who are we to argue?

There is truth in that tale... but isn't it awfully convenient (for us!) that we're the winners and heroes and that God is on our side? And how does any of this line up with the humble way of Jesus?

Read "Check Your Cargo" from Joe Heikman or listen below:

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