Lions and tigers and bears, Oh My!  Biblical visions of the afterlife are full of strange (to us) images of thrones and creatures and unique decorative choices... a wild mix of terrifying and comforting--is that what Heaven is like?  The Bible doesn't tell us directly what to expect after this life.  Instead, we are given visions, symbols and metaphors, with plenty of room for interpretation and inspiration and imagination.  Perhaps that's the point, that hope compels, that dreaming creates, and imagination empowers?

Read "Oriented to Heaven" from Joe Heikman

Things have changed quite a bit from the beginnings of the Judeo-Christian religion.  That includes beliefs and expectations about the afterlife and the end of the world.  Does it matter that Abraham, Moses, and King David probably didn't believe in resurrection?  That some of the first Anabaptists attempted to fulfill the prophecies of Revelation with their own violent coup?  That the idea of Rapture wasn't a widely-held belief until the mid-1800s?  This sermon attempts a broad overview of how Christian eschatology (beliefs about The End) has changed and developed over time.

Read "History of the End" from Joe Heikman

We often dismiss the idea of a second coming and rapture theology but we forget to actually think about what we believe about the next step of the story. Perhaps it is time to put away some old ideas of the end, and to re imagine what type of second coming the Bible shares with us.

Read "Rapture Revelation" from Krista Loewen

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