The Sermon on the Mount is one of Jesus' most famous teachings: the Lord's Prayer, the Golden Rule, "Seek Ye First"... the greatest hits are all there.  Besides popularity, what is it that makes this particular speech so important?  Part of the significance is the setting.  Throughout the story of the Hebrew Bible, the Mountain is the place where God's People come closest to God, receiving wisdom and instruction and glimpses of God's glory.  So when Jesus invites his followers to come up to the Mountain, they come expecting to meet God.  What might we learn if we dare to follow?

Read "Blessed" from Joe Heikman

In John 14:11-14 Jesus urges his followers to pray in Jesus’ name for whatever we desire--anything you ask for will be granted, as long as you do it in Jesus’ name.  Sounds too good to be true, doesn't it, like a genie in a bottle?  Is that what petitionary prayer, asking for God's help, is all about?  Does God really answer those prayers?  What does it mean to pray in Jesus' name?  And how is it that a Vancouver city girl just out of university can end up as a Mennonite pastor in Saskatoon?

Read "Who's In Control?" from Krista Loewen

The death-to-life movement of the Easter story is both familiar and mysterious.  It's familiar in that we experience new life coming out of death all the time--as Spring follows Winter, in the "Circle of Life" cycles of nature, in the rebirth and renewal of second chances and new opportunities, and more.  Yet of course the Resurrection of Jesus is also incredibly unique and, well, incredible.  What does it mean that the Easter story is both ordinary and extraordinary at the same time?  What does this story reveal about the nature of God?

Read "It's Like This" from Joe Heikman

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