The Enneagram Type One is "The Reformer" or "The Idealist." They see the wonderful, full potential of absolutely everything: the world as it should be! And they call out God's goodness and push everyone to live into the highest and best version of ourselves, starting with themselves. And because the world is not as it should be, Ones also live in the tension of anger and shame over their failure to live up to the ideals that drive them. In church language, Ones live in the tension between God's Holiness and Human Sinfulness, and the invitation is to embrace the mystery of Grace.

Read "The Perfect Sermon" from Joe Heikman or listen below:

The Type Seven personality in the Enneagram system is called "The Enthusiast/The Adventurer." Sevens are full of energy, anticipation, cheerfulness, awe, inspiration, verve, audacity...

Read "Hot and Cold" from Grant Martens (the Sevenest of Sevens) or click below to hear what he shared with us about his experiences as a Type Seven.

Is it possible to understand God? Understanding is the project of Enneagram Type Five personalities--to find love and security through the collecting and processing of information. When it comes to religion, though, information and understanding are limited...aren't they?

Read "Think About It" from Joe Heikman.

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