It's a curious scene for an outsider: an individual kneeling at the front of a church and having water poured on her head (or dunked in a body of water, depending on the church...).  Is this the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge (are people still doing that?)  A public delousing method?  Okay, most people recognize a baptism when they see one, but what's the purpose of this ancient religious ritual?  And why does the crowd seem so happy about it?

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In this section of Jesus' Sermon on the Mount (Matthew 5:17-26), Jesus reflects on the Torah (Law) given to the ancient Hebrews--as Jesus gives new pictures of God and God's People, is he building on the traditions of the past or is he up to something entirely new?  Does the "old" set of commands and covenant promises still apply to Jesus' followers (including us now) or is Jesus giving a new set of standards and ways of living?  And what does all of this say about who God is and what God expects from us?

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The Sermon on the Mount is one of Jesus' most famous teachings: the Lord's Prayer, the Golden Rule, "Seek Ye First"... the greatest hits are all there.  Besides popularity, what is it that makes this particular speech so important?  Part of the significance is the setting.  Throughout the story of the Hebrew Bible, the Mountain is the place where God's People come closest to God, receiving wisdom and instruction and glimpses of God's glory.  So when Jesus invites his followers to come up to the Mountain, they come expecting to meet God.  What might we learn if we dare to follow?

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