Finally, it's time to talk about the Enneagram Type Nines! Perhaps we saved the best for last, or perhaps we just knew that the Nines wouldn't mind the wait. Nines are easily the most relaxed of all the types, on the surface at least, as their desire for peace and harmony usually leads them to adopt a "no worries" approach to life. Yet the Enneagram places the Nines in the "Gut Center" between the Eights and Ones, two of the most temperamental types in the system. Could it be that the Nines also have tremendous instincts and the will to create the harmony they seek?

Read "Relax, it's all good" from Joe Heikman or listen below as Teresa shares from her Nine perspective followed by the sermon.

Enneagram Type Six personalities are defined by Fear. And more than any other type (perhaps), it's hard to get beyond the negative side of that. After all, the most repeated refrain in the Bible is, "Do not fear." Which is next to impossible for a Six.

So what's a faithful Six to do with that? We'll look to Peter, Esther, and of course the chaos monster of the Enuma Elish for some guidance.

Read "Threat Level Midnight" from Joe Heikman or listen below as Audrey shares from the Six perspective followed by Joe's sermon:

Enneagram Type Eights are the Challenger or Protector types: independent, take-charge, assertive. In a word, Fierce.

Is our God fierce? The Bible consistently speaks of God acting through people who step up to defend the weak and right the wrongs. What does it look like to walk in those footsteps today?

Read "Definitely NOT Quiet in the Land" from Joe Heikman or listen below as Denise and Angela share from the Eight perspective followed by Joe's sermon:

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