What to Expect at Wildwood Mennonite Church

When you first attend Wildwood Mennonite Church there are a few things that you should expect when you arrive, join us in worship, and also when you leave.

Expect an informally dressed, inter-generational congregation composed of a variety of ages, ethnicities and family compositions.

When you first arrive ushers and other friendly faces will greet you in a very busy, bright and open lobby. You will most likely receive a bulletin outlining community events, and the worship service for that specific day.

Before worship – make sure that you grab the required hymn books often titled “Hymnal: a Worship Book” (Abbrev. HWB, Blue Book) Sing the Journey (Abbrev. SJ, Green Book) or “Sing the Story” (Abbrev. SS, Purple Book). These books can be located on a cart to the left or the right when you enter the main seating are of the sanctuary. Ask anyone – and they will help you find the books!

A person from within the congregation is the designated Worship Leader who will guide the congregation through worship.

During worship you can expect a variety of singing (both songs with a single melody lines and four part harmony), scripture reading, call and responses, a sermon/message/discussion, a children’s story, and lots of standing and sitting (if you are able).

You can expect that on each Sunday an offering “bag” will be passed around during the service. You are by no means required to place any monies in the offering – your presence is gift enough.

If you happen to come on a Sunday where Communion is served – at Wildwood we practice an open table where all those who identify as follower of Jesus Christ, or those who wish to know more about what it means to follow Jesus Christ are invited to participate in the consumption of the bread and cup. At Wildwood our practice is to serve grape juice in our communion services instead of wine, which you may find is a common practice in other churches.

After worship is concluded, please feel free to join us for a wee bite of food and coffee/juice in the lobby. We always have a small time of fellowship after worship. Feel free to meet others and introduce yourself to a stranger – unless they introduce themselves to you first!

Make sure to inquire about Adult, Youth, and Children’s Sunday school.

If it’s the summer time, feel free to have a look at our community garden and watch the veggies grow!

Welcome to Wildwood Mennonite Church. 

All Are Welcome

We're glad to welcome everyone to worship and participate with us! Wildwood Mennonite Church is a community of followers of Jesus Christ that invites into membership all who wish to join us in the journey of faith. With God's help, we will not discriminate in regard to race, ethnic background, age, gender identity, sexual orientation, income, education, ability, and other factors that give rise to division and marginalization.


Sunday Mornings
10:45 a.m. In-Person Worship at WMC

10:15 a.m. Zoom Fellowship Time
10:45 a.m. Live Stream of In-Person Worship via Zoom

Special Services and Times



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